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Canadian French has lots in common with French from France, yet it has his own set of distinctive characteristics! Readers who wish to learn Canadian French may visit our list of French Tutors native from Quebec

All the Essential Qualifiers in Quebec French

Those are all the Essential Qualifiers in Quebec French that are worth memorizing. They are very handy in lots of different situations... so you can confidently learn them, because you'll have the use of them sooner or later!

15 Quebec French Turns of Phrase Everyone Should Know

They are just so useful in everyday situation in Quebec. Let's try to memorize them as they are the pillars of Quebec French language.

The Essential Guide to Québec French Pronunciation

The common language spoken in Québec – Québecois – can be easily identified by its distinct accent. You can say that Québecois is as different from Parisian French as North American English is from British English. The Québecois language has seven ...

50 Quebec French Verbs That Are Unique and Awesome!

When you think of verbs unique to Québécois French, which ones come to mind? There are many of course, but here are our choices for 50 typically Quebec French verbs. Enjoy!

Quebec French vocabulary about Restaurants

Here is a list of common words adn expressions about Restaurants in Quebec French

How to Swear in Quebecois

Jurons, as Québecois swears and insults are called, are used to add color to everyday conversations. They are discussed in a separate chapter because they have their own usage and inflection.

Slang Words and Idioms that are different in Quebec French and France French

Slang words and idioms are the main difference between French spoken French and Metropolitan French. This is mainly because Quebec French has a large collection of unique slang words and idiomatic expressions that are not present in European French, ...

Common Fashion Accessories Words in Quebec French

Fashion accessories are important details to complete each appearance. These fad adornments are must for people who want to keep pace with the latest fashion trends and enhance their style. Thinking about fashion accessories words in Quebec French? ...

Let’s Learn Outdoor Words in Quebec French

You know, when I talk to people that what is the picture of Canada in their heart and mind, there are few things resonant in the whole country. Canadians are in love with nature, parks and great outdoors. There are a plethora of interesting things ...

Words Related to Children in Quebec French

Whenever it comes to children, the Quebec language has those specific words to describe them. If you learn them, no one will be able to judge that you are not a native Quebec French speaker.

Quebec French Words related to Emergency Situations

If you're traveling to a Quebec French-speaking country and find yourself in some emergencies and other difficult situations, these useful words might help you.

Let’s Talk About Sports in Quebec French!

Sports occupy a prominent place in the cultures of any country. Here are some of the many Quebec French words that can help you take a good start.

How to Request Information in Quebec French

If you're traveling to Quebec but don't have a good command over the language, you will feel that you have lost somewhere. Here a few common Quebec French words used to talk about general things in daily routines and activities.

Quebec French Popular Sayings

The knowledge of common Quebec French words to communicate with local people is extremely important if you're planning to visit Quebec or Montreal with your family or friends.

Popular Quebec French Words Related to Houses

A home plays an important part in Quebec family life. Then, it becomes important for us to know some common words for household items in Quebec French such as furniture, kitchen, bedroom and other items.

Quebec French Vocabulary About Transportation

Whether you're booking an air ticket, navigating a train station, or traveling on a bus in Quebec, you need to brush up on transportation-related words to make your life easier. If you're traveling in a French-speaking country, here is a list ...

Speaking About Dating in Quebec French

Because Quebec French is known for being a beautiful, romantic and cool language, as you can imagine there are plenty of cute dating words to choose from.

Talking About Food in Quebec French

Rather than simply being a meal for our survival, eating is a tradition that brings people together and is an important part of our culture. A person who's tasted a delicious smoky poutine in Montreal can relate to this? It's the perfect blend of ...

Useful Quebec French Words to Use at Work

You collected information, crafted an impressive resume, wrote a great cover letter, give all answers smartly, and finally got your dream job in Quebec, Kudos! In order to make your work life easy and comfortable, you must have a good command over ...

Clothing Vocabulary List in Quebec French

Learn the Quebec French words for clothing so that you can use them in your daily-to-daily conversation and dress in French.

Useful Quebec French Vocabulary About Accommodation

Are you going for a vacation with your family or friends to Quebec or Montreal soon?

How to Talk Family in Quebec French

Are you searching for the best Quebec French words to describe family members? If you have any friends from Quebec, it's possible that you may sometime get a chance to meet his/her family members such as cousins, aunts, uncles, and others.

How to tell Body Parts in Quebec French

There are numerous organs in the human body that you would need to study thoroughly to describe them. However, without in-depth knowledge about anatomy, it is very difficult to talk about all of them.

Common words we use when Driving Cars in Quebec French

What else is better than a car and a long drive to experience and explore the long-lasting beauty of Quebec. If you're in love with cars and driving, there are some common Quebec French you need to know about.

Popular words related to School in Quebec French

No matter what you achieve or wherever you are, you can't deny that school life is the best period of human life. There are a plethora of sweet school memories that made your childhood last forever, from birthday celebrations and dating to making ...

Talking about Money in Quebec French

You may use a few money-related words in your day-to-day life. Whether you're a resident or a traveler in Quebec, there are chances that you will find yours talking about money.

Speaking about Health in Quebec French

How will you purchase a medicine or talk to a doctor in Quebec if you don't know about the common Quebec French words and phrases related to health care?

Most Used French Canadian Words

There are words in Québec French that refer specifically to French Canadian culture and that’s why they do not exist in Metropolitan French, such as “poutine” or “dépanneur”. Well for the word “dépanneur” that’s another story actually, as the word ...

Why and How Quebec French differs from Metropolitan French

It can be said that Metropolitan French (or Standard European French) and Québec French (or Canadian French), while both rooted in early modern Classical French, are two distinct varieties of French. Reviewing the history of how the French language ...

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