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    Talking about Money in Quebec French

    You may use a few money-related words in your day-to-day life. Whether you’re a resident or a traveler in Quebec, there are chances that you will find yours talking about money.

    Talking about Money in Quebec French
    By Angie
    5 August 2018
    , Talking about Money in Quebec French

    Quebec French

    Talking about Money in Quebec French


Below is the list of some common words and phrases related to money that will help you share your thoughts with the people around you.

Useful words about Money in Quebec French

Quebec : Money

Lottery TicketsGratteux
Good dealBarguine
Currency coinsChange
Extra-professional incomeSide-line
MoneySous (ou Bidous)
ATM machineGuichet automatique
A cent coinSou noir
A 25-cent coinUn trente sous

Useful Quebec French expressions about Money

Money - Expressions

It's worthlessÇa ne vaut pas cinq cents
Cash a checkChanger un chèque
It's on me!C’est sur mon bras!
Earn a large sum of money quicklyFaire un coup d’argent
To be brokeÊtre cassé
Do not have moneyNe pas avoir une cenne
To be stingyÊtre proche de ses cents
To have enoughEn avoir plein son casque
Living on social assistanceÊtre sur le B.S.
Experiencing difficultiesAvoir de la misère
SaveSauver de l’argent
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