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Free Resources to improve your level in French, including French Vocabulary Lists, French Grammar Tips… You may want to view our list of Native French Tutors in order to gain further insights and guidance about the French Language.

Difference Between French Passé Composé vs Imparfait

At the base, understanding the difference between passé composé vs. imparfait is to know that it means specific event vs background or ongoing event. Let us dive deeper into the two to have a better grasp.

All You Need To Know About French Possessive Adjectives

When it comes to French Possessive Adjectives, our main focus should zero down on figuring out what we're 'describing'. The gender of the speaker does not play the only role here.

`Tout vs Tous`: Make No Confusion Anymore

Often people get confused between Tous and Tout. Let us help you have a clear understanding of the two through this guide and use them in your sentences.

French Object Pronouns – How to Use These Tricky Words

Nouns are words that represent people, places, things or ideas. There are also words that can be used to substitute for nouns. One such case is the object pronoun, which replaces nouns that have been affected by verbs. Correctly using these pronouns ...

Let’s Master French Punctuation, Spaces And More!

Whether it is talking about emotions discussing ideas marking ends and the beginning of sentences or showing speech quotes etc there is an aspect in the language that makes it concrete

French Pronunciation 101 – Sound Like a French Person

By the sound of it, the French language is romantic and pleasant to the ears. However, there are many aspects to keep in mind to make sure you're hitting the right accent. Just like in English, there are concepts such as silent letters, emphasized ...

The French Past Tense – The Most Used and Useful Verb Tense

When we talk about actions which have happened or are repeated in a series but all in the past, then past tenses are used. Whether it’s writing or oral interaction, this tense drenches English language through and through. This is no different in ...

Impressive French Idioms – Add Spark To Your Conversations

Just like our conversations in English are made aesthetically audible by adding idioms, your French can sound classier too! We’ve carefully curated a few idioms for you to impress the next francophone you encounter.

Do Not Get Confused With French Plural: Use This Guide

Struggling with the use of French plural? Here is an ultimate guide to use French plurals and make effective French sentences to become a pro-French speaker.

Hey Dr. Mrs. Vandertramp, please help!

How could your best friend not know about that absolute gorgeous gown you saw for the prom? Don’t you have to tell your family about the crazy thing that happened at work today? This implies that to get them on board, you’d have to relay what ...

French Infinitive: How to use any kind of Infinitive Form

In French, infinitives form the base and are the first step we understand about verbs in the language. This is the purest, unconjugated part through which you later conjugate new constructions and make sentences. There are three endings with which ...

The French Verb Forms Explained Once and for All

French Verb forms are the way you form sentences to talk about present, past or future. It could seem overwhelming when you first hear about the number of them and how they seem to be rolling off into eternity but it’s actually very simple. So, ...

French Past Participle – Let’s Dive Deep Into The Meaning

Did you ever realize how many ‘-ed’ words you employ while talking? Words like ‘closed’, ‘formed’, ‘liked’ etc. are all part of this. This suffix mentioned, is the past participle in English. If you have learned English all your life, it’s possible ...

French Vowels – How to Say them like A Native French Speaker

A, E, I, O, U, as we know, are the English vowels. But what about the ones in French? Vowels are the liberating heroes language as they aren’t obstructed by any movement in the mouth. An action that limits your airflow to make a sound creates a ...

A Complete Toolkit to Perfect Passé Composé

Rumored to be the most frequently used past tense, the passé composé is an important concept in French grammar. It can be used alone but is often seen in conjunction with other tenses – which can get complicated. But no worries! This guide will ...

A Definitive Guide to French Negation

French negation can be a bit tough, but a simple formula and this quick guide will help. Here are our tips and tricks to using French negation easily and naturally.

Get Well Versed With French Nouns – Master the Four Rules!

Sitting through rigorous English classes during school taught us that Nouns are names of a person, thing, place or a theory. French also believes in the same definition but with its own set of rules. Here is your walkthrough through them.

Learning French Conjugation 101

The only way you can construct sentences in French is if you learn the art of conjugation. With the various forms of tenses or verb forms (present, past, future), understanding the basic in each will help you become stronger in both writing and ...

Know French Verb Être and Its Conjugations

The French verb être is one complicated verb to deal with, and you'll use it constantly in French. Follow our guide to using être, and you'll make a big impact on your French language skills.

The Best Tips to Conjugate the French Verb Faire

Worried about conjugating the irregular French verb faire? Fret not -- this guide is exactly what you need to learn how to conjugate faire smoothly and efficiently, as if French were your first language.

The Guide To French Imperative – Have Command on “Commands”

From the moment you start comprehending language, the first few things you start understanding are commands. These instructions are said in what is known as the imperative verb or the ‘imperatif’ as known in French. It could range from giving ...

Get Acquainted with French Pronouns – Add Flow to your Sentences

It’s time to learn an essential component of French grammar – Pronouns. As you’re well-aware of the definition in English, let’s recall it one more time so that we’re all on the same page.

Your Manual To French Transition Words

If you want to satisfy your perfection at dabbling with French whether it’s written or oral, here is a carefully crafted guide for you.

Understand & Use French Conditional Tense With Full Efficacy

Do not make a mistake while using French conditional tense with this guide. An expert way to master the tense and make use of it while conversing in French.

Reflexive Verbs in French – Delve into Different Situations and Master Yourself

As the name suggests, reflexive verbs are so commonly used that they almost feel like a ‘reflex’ reaction of a language. Whether it’s talking about your day or portraying feelings and even to the first greeting with a stranger, reflexive verbs exist ...

Become an Expert in the Usage of French Relative Pronouns

Learning French relative pronouns is an important part of learning French. This guide will help you understand French relative pronoun and use efficiently.

French Prepositions: Linking Words You Need to Know

Prepositions are words that link nouns, pronouns, and phrases to other parts of the sentence. They also show up in language constantly. So, take a few minutes with this French preposition guide to get confident in using them correctly.

The Essential Steps to Flawless French Imperfect (L’Imparfait)

It’s time to look into a concept that will get you another step closer to sounding like a native French speaker – l’imparfait or the French imperfect tense.

French Passive Voice – Understanding the Rules Made Easy

Among the gazillion inventions that humans have created, one of the most beautiful one is that of language. Having a common mother script, French and English can be called siblings. Though technical differences exist, knowledge of one language can ...

Stop Struggling with Subjunctive French with this Guide

Subjunctive French can be daunting when you do not get the right lessons. Go through this guide and learn subjunctive French in the most effective way.

French Numbers – Count Perfectly from 0 to Infinity

From buying that little black dress to giving someone your phone number, from paying the bill in a restaurant to keeping track of your budget, numbers rule your world. Along those lines, let's dip our toes into French numbers so that, just like in ...

Top Tricks to Conjugate Irregular Verbs in French

Unlike English, French irregular verbs are confusing to understand. Let us teach you the easy way to handle French irregular verbs and use them with efficacy.

`On` in French – Why and How to Use it

As comes with the intricacy of French language, the word ‘On’ also has many meanings attached to it. The word has traditional meanings such as ‘one’, ‘you’, ‘he/she’, ‘I’, ‘they’, and so on.

French Present Tense 101: What You Should Know

Learning the French present tense is a breeze with our simple guide. Get an overview of common present tense conjugations and the different everyday situations where present tense is useful.

A Comprehensive Guide to French Definite Articles

Articles are words that modify a noun (place, object, person or idea). Definite articles signal that a particular noun is coming. In English, we often translate these words to “the.” While using French definite articles and all their forms can seem ...

`Y` in French – Why and How to Use it

‘Y’ in French is an adverbial pronoun (pronoms adverbiaux). What is that? An adverbial pronoun is a word that substitutes for a noun while acting as an adverb.

All About French Modal Verbs

If you are a French learner, it is vital to learn French modal verbs as they are critical in the French language. These are the verbs that end in – oir and are irregular.

`Bien vs Bon` In French – The Confusion Made Clear

There are reasons that synonyms originated such that our words when spoken or used in a sentence get the kind of intensity the situation demands, at that moment. In simpler words, according to context! This is the reason that even in French, certain ...

Future Tense French Explained Once and for All

French Future Tense can be confusing but not when you know the right way to use it in sentences. Use this guide and become a pro in using Future Tense.

Learn French Adjectives and Use Them With Authority

Are you afraid of French adjectives? This guide will help you learn how to use French adjectives (with tons of common examples!) so you speak French like a pro.

Your Master Guide to Using French Adverbs Like a Native

Do French adverbs intimidate you? Do you need to learn them in a simple yet effective way? We can help you figure them out fast. We curated this guide for you to learn how to use French adverbs smoothly and naturally – just like native speakers do.

French Comparatives and Superlatives in Adverbs and Adjectives

Even though rules within English and French grammar might differ, the essence remains the same. Comparatives as the name suggests is employed for distinguishing between superiority, inferiority or equality between two things mostly.

How to Ask Questions in French – Our Complete Guide

Do you fear asking questions in french? Well, you shouldn’t because this guide helps you make meaningful questions in French and also use them confidently.

All the French Vocabulary you Need When Travelling

All the French Vocabulary you Need When Travelling

All the French Words you need when at the Pharmacy

We have compiled the most common French Words you need when at the Pharmacy.

The most common French Words related to Bank and Money

We are not greedy, and have compiled for you the most common French Words related to Bank and Money. Just for you ! It's $5 actually ;) 

French Words Related to Sightseeing

A local syndicat d'initiative or office du tourisme (tourist office) is a great source for travelers that you'll find in most French towns. Don't forget to visit here, as the staff is very friendly and helpful to answer all your queries about the ...

Useful French Words when dealing with the Post Office

Useful French Words when dealing with the Post Office

Talking About Mealtimes and Eating in French

Talking About Mealtimes and Eating in French

How to Introduce and Greet someone in French

One of the ways in which French differs from English is that French uses formal and informal registers of language. These are expressed in the choice of the subject pronoun (vous is formal; tu is informal); the form of the verb; and, sometimes, in ...

How to Speak Basic French

French is a Romance language spoken by approximately 175 million people worldwide. Today, it is used in countries all over the world including France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Algeria, Cameroon, Haiti, Lebanon, Madagascar, ...

Popular French Sayings

Some of the most popular sayings in French have made their way into the English language. While these phrases may not always be pronounced in the proper French manner, the spelling has most often stayed intact, and the meaning is the main reason for ...

French Football Expressions

'Le football’ is a classic example of ‘franglais,’ the adoption into the French language of an English term. Since the modern game of football, the sport known to most of the English-speaking world outside the United Kingdom as ‘soccer,’ originated ...

Romantic French Phrases

The French language abounds with romantic phrases that are perfect for expressing affection. Whether you want to flirt a little or express eternal love, the French language can help you do it with finesse.

French Health Expressions

Learning to communicate with others concerning our health is indispensable in any language. Everyone ought to have knowledge of basic medical terminology on the tip of his tongue, to be able to communicate effectively with doctors, nurses, ...

Famous French Sayings

Famous French sayings make for some of the most influential and often-repeated words worldwide. Some French sayings are ancient proverbs, while others are more recent sayings from writers and poets.

French Colloquialisms

The following phrases strike non-French speakers as very funny when taken out of context. While the literal meaning points one way, the contextual meaning points another. When these phrases are learned in context, they are readily accepted. French ...

Basic French Phrases

When you begin to learn to speak French you will start with hello and goodbye. Even though these are both one word sayings in English, they are true multiple word phrases in French.

Basic Tourist French

Going to France soon? The French have an undeserved reputation for being 'snooty' - especially in Paris. However, by making an effort to learn a few travel-oriented phrases before your trip, you'll be able to communicate well enough to discover more ...

How to Sound like a Native French Speaker

Once you are sufficiently confident about your standard French verbal communication, you may feel ready, while visiting France, to sprinkle your conversation with a few colloquialisms. Don’t expect, however, to give the impression that you are a ...

Basic French Words

You'll be well on your way to speaking French if you learn just a few basic French words and phrases. Although you won't be fluent - if you're traveling, you'll find that many people appreciate the effort you make in expressing yourself and it can ...

Common French Idioms

Simply put, idioms are expressions or sayings that do not make sense when translated word for word, but have meaning to a native speaker. They often carry certain cultural nuances that are relevant for native speakers. For the non-native speaker, ...

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