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Over 275 million people across the world speak the French language! Now wonder why learning French can increase your career options, and may also enhance your traveling experience… Readers who are interested in mastering the French language may visit our list of Native French Tutors in order to gain further insights and improve fluency.

7 tried and true Tips to become Fluent in French

Bonjour! Have you started grasping one of the most romantic language, French, yet? Whether you’re here to explore ways towards fluency or motivate yourself to begin, here are some carefully curated tips to match your excitement. Learning a language ...

Learn French with YouTube – 35 Channels Reviewed

Paul Sulzberger, PhD graduate from Victoria University, conducted a study that suggests that listening is one of the best ways to learn a language. Where better to find listening material than on YouTube? You can watch French movies with ...

Top 10 Podcasts to Learn French in 2020 (sorted by Levels)

Listening to French is one of the many ways to become fluent. French language podcasts are ready to go when you are, and can be set aside when you are otherwise engaged. They are perfect for commuting, taking a quiet drive, exercising,  cleaning  ...

Online French Courses – The 30 Best Free and Paid Solutions

We have tested pretty much all the French Learning options available Online, in both the Free and Paid space. Here are our Top picks!

French Classes in Toronto – Where to Learn French in GTA

When it comes to learning French, Toronto is a diverse hub with all kinds of establishments, dedicated to giving you the best quality of knowledge out there. If you appreciate the study environment then various local schools, colleges, universities, ...

Frequently Asked Questions

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7 Good Reasons to Learn French

French is spoken all over the world French is spoken by more than 200 million people in the world, in 70 countries. This is the 9th most spoken language in the world! And the most learned language after English. Talking French increases ...

French Conversation

French Conversation is a means of learning naturally, almost effortlessly, a language. Through conversation, you will be able to learn French such as you have been taught your own mother tongue. During the conversation, your tutor gives you an ...

How to Speak Basic French

French is a Romance language spoken by approximately 175 million people worldwide. Today, it is used in countries all over the world including France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Algeria, Cameroon, Haiti, Lebanon, Madagascar, ...

Developp your Fluency in French through the CEFR Framework

An overview of the different fluency Levels in French, as defined by the European CEFR framework.

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