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Frequently Asked Questions

Find here Practical Answers to help you make an Informed Choice and get the most out of your Online Sessions.

What do I need to Learn Online?

You only need Skype installed on your computer, a computer headset and an internet connection to use Ofrench. Skype is free to download

How to Find the Ideal Tutor?

There are hundreds of Tutors on the site, so you will surely find Tutors that meet your expectations in a few clicks! But here are our tips to find them quickly…

Tip #1 – Apply filters

You may filter the Tutors Listing by Language, Price, Gender, Availability, Specialty, Location.

Ofrench provides detailed information on each Tutor, such as their biography, teaching approach and qualifications. You can select according to profile, availability and feedback from previous Students.

Tip #2 – Ask questions to your Tutor before booking a Lesson

You can send Private Messages to any Tutor, before making any reservation. This can be useful if you want to talk the Tutor about your goals, develop a lesson plan, or discover her teaching method.

You can send Private Messages via the Profile page, or the Listing page (see below):

How do I Book a Lesson?

Once you have chosen a Tutor, just pick your preferred date and time on her online diary. All Lessons times are displayed in your local time zone, regardless of your tutor’s location.

Your selected Tutor will call you on Skype at the scheduled lesson time, in order to start the session.

How much does it cost to Book a Tutor?

Ofrench is completely free to join and no commitment is required.

As a Student you will pay for the Lesson fees (= Tutor hourly rate) + the Transaction fees ($0.40 per booking).

How do I Cancel a Lesson?

Ofrench solely give refunds on an Electronic Wallet, which can be used inside the platform only
Ofrench never give refunds on Credit Card or Paypal, in any circumstance

If for any reason you cannot make a scheduled Lesson, you will be able to cancel the Lesson at no cost, providing 4 hours notice has been given to the Tutor.

Once cancelling, you are automatically refunded of the Booking fees (Lesson fees + Transaction fees) on a private Electronic Wallet, so that you are able to reschedule the Lesson to an alternative time, with the Tutor of your choice.

Cancelling a Lesson is free and easy:

Once you are logged-in, click on My Lessons. Then hit the “Cancel” button located next to the Lesson you want to cancel.

How do I use a Refund? 

The booking process is the same as usual. When at the checkout, just select “Pay With Wallet”.

– In case you book a Tutor at a lesser hourly rate, you will be able to use the balance for any future booking
– The balance appears in the menu (there is a wallet icon, close to the message icon)

There was an Issue with the Lesson… How do I get a Refund?

Ofrench solely give refunds on an Electronic Wallet, which can be used inside the platform only.
Ofrench never give refunds on Credit Card or Paypal, in any circumstance.

You may be entitled to a full refund of the Booking Fees, under two circumstances:

Case #1: The Lesson is cancelled by the Tutor

In this case, it’s an automatic procedure and you will be notified of the refund by email. The refund will be sent on your Electronic Wallet.

Case #2: The Tutor failed to attend the Lesson (or there was an issue with the Lesson)

A “Report Issue” button is displayed on the website (in the form of a Notification) just after the Lesson time has passed.

In case of any issue with the Lesson, you should direct the Refund Request by clicking on the “Report Issue” button within 7 working days following the date of the lesson.

You will then be prompted to give full details of the Lesson concerned (including the date and time of the lesson, name of the Tutor and nature of the complaint).

Following verification of the complaint by our Support Team (which will include obtaining confirmation of the facts from the Tutor concerned) Ofrench may, at its own discretion, decide to give a full refund of the Booking Fees, on your Electronic Wallet, within around 7 working days.

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