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You have the complete freedom to set the hours you wish to work on your own online agenda. So that you can balance work and free-time, exactly the way you want to. You can decide to be available full-time, or just some hours in the week, or only occasionnaly… You have all the flexibility that you want. Plus you can teach an unlimited amount of French Lessons.

Of course you can teach from anywhere in the world, be at home or any convenient location of your choice… as long as you have access to a computer with a good internet connection, a headset and Skype installed.

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ofrench.com is the First online community only dedicated to the learning of French Language, which gives you access to a whole new world of teaching opportunities. Besides you don’t need to arrange appointments anymore as you receive appointments right in your inbox.

Your earnings will vary depending on your rates, your availability, your profile (teaching experience, teaching style…) and your ability to build good relationships with Students. A successful French Tutor can expect to teach full-time on ofrench.com.

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Using ofrench.com as a French Tutor/Teacher is completely free. Tutors receive payment for booked lessons directly with PayPal.


  • You have the complete freedom to set your own hourly tutoring rates.
  • You will earn 85% of whatever rate you decide to charge.
  • You will get paid 10 days after your lesson is completed.

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Tutors are required they can use PayPal in their country of residence.


  • Only Native French Speakers (from France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Senegal…) are accepted to tutor on ofrench.com.
  • Tutoring experience is strongly recommended but not obligatory.
  • Tutors who want to be listed in the category “Registered French Teachers” need to possess a Teaching Certificate.
  • Tutors are required to have at least some basic knowledge of English, so that they can reply to the Students enquiries and communicate easily with real beginners.

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    - Le Tuteur n'est pas rémunéré pour cet Essai.
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    Tutoring: Frequently Asked Questions

    ofrench.com is a 100% French company owned and operated by French people passionate about promoting the French language and culture throughout the world. Our office is situated in Limas, a small town in the beaitful Beaujolais wine area, roughly 30 kilometers north of Lyon, France.

    ofrench.com is an online plateform dedicated to French Language learning, that connects French Tutors and French Learners from all over the world. And being listed as a French Tutor on ofrench.com enables you to connect with a new of opportunities teaching French online.

    About the Platform

    What do I need to teach French online?
    You will need a very reliable Internet connection, a computer headset and a webcam. You will also need Skype installed on your computer.
    What are the formats of the Lessons ?
    French Lessons consist of 1-on-1 Private Tutoring through live video-chat (Skype) sessions. They last 1 hour.
    How do Students book the Lessons?
    Students can book lesson on your Tutor profile page. They have the option to buy as many French Lessons of 1 hour they need, or book a Free 30 minutes trial Lesson.
    How do I handle private Messages from Students
    Before or after booking a lesson, French Students have the possibility to send private messages to you. Privates messages can be very useful : they may give you a good sense of the Student’s level of proficiency, the way the Student likes to learn French, or the topics the Sudent would like to discuss.
    How do I contact the Student and give the Lesson?
    Once the payment of the French Lesson is processed, you will receive by email details about the Student, including Name, Skype Account, the Date & Time the Lesson will take place, in your own local time. At the scheduled time, just call the French Student on Skype.
    How do I receive payment for my Lessons ?
    French Tutors receive payments from ofrench.com on a bi-weekly basis, by Paypal, upon completion of courses. Payments are done on the First Monday and the Third Monday of the Month.
    What is a Free 30 minutes Trial Lesson?
    A great way for Students to discover your method of teaching, is to ask for a Free 30 minutes Trial Lesson. Only one Free Trial Lesson is available per Student.

    Working with your private Ofrench Online Agenda

    How can I set my hours?
    Each lesson is scheduled to last 1 hour.
    You are completely free to set your own hours, on the private Ofrench online Agenda we provide to each French Tutor. You can set your availability by Hours, Days and Months.
    And clients can only book time slots which you make available.
    I won't be able to make the Lesson. Can I cancel the Lesson ?
    Because your own Ofrench Online Agenda enables you to set when you are available or not (by Hours, Days and Months), there is little chance you need to cancel a Lesson.
    However, in case of unexpected events… if you know for sure that you are going to miss a Lesson:
    – First, you should inform your Student as soon as possible of the situation, and arrange a new appointment.
    – If for any reason, you cannot Reschedule the Lesson with your Student, you should first inform us here so that we can ask another available French Tutor to do the Lesson for you, as a replacement.
    Then you should write an email to apologize to the client, telling him that Ofrench will handle the situation and find as soon as possible a French Tutor as a replacement.
    My Lesson is cancelled by the Student. What should I do?
    The French Learner is able to cancel a lesson at no cost, providing 12 hours notice has been given to the Tutor. In this case, he will have to reschedule the lesson later.
    The Student have missed his Lesson. What should I do?

    If the Student booked a Lesson but did not show up for the Lesson, you will fully get paid for the Lesson, whatever the circumstances are.

    But first you will have to inform us here and provide details about the issue (Student’s name, apppointment’s date/time and you will indicate the reason is a “no-show”)

    Also, as learning French takes time, most French Tutors see Tutoring activity as buiding long-term relationships with the Students. Because The Student might have missed the Lesson for unforeseen circumstances, we encourage you to contact the Student in order to schedule an appointment for the missed Lesson. That way, the Student is likely to appreciate your understanding and book new Lessons from you.

    I have missed a Lesson. What should I do?

    If this happens, you should contact your Student as soon as possible, in order to apologize and explain why you missed the Lesson. After apologies have been made, you will arrange a new appointment with the Student.

    Once all is done, you will have to inform us here about the situation and how you resolved it. Please provide as much details as possible, including copies of emails between you and the Student, name of the Student and date/time for the new appointment.

    That way we will be able to reschedule correctly in our booking system and show an updated information on the site / in your own agenda.

    If the issue cannot be resolved with the Student (for example the Student doesn’t want a new appointement), please send us an mail with the details so that we can reach out to the Student and find a solution.

    Please note that you will receive payment for the Lesson you missed, only when the newly rescheduled Lesson will be completed.

    In the case you cannot make the Lesson at all, we will have to refund the Student, and consequently the cost of this refund will be taken from your pay for this lesson.

    Need more information about tutoring at ofrench.com?