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7 tried and true Tips to become Fluent in French


Bonjour! Have you started grasping one of the most romantic language, French, yet? Whether you’re here to explore ways towards fluency or motivate yourself to begin, here are some carefully curated tips to match your excitement. Learning a language can always be an adventurous and fun process if you pick the path you enjoy. Let’s start.

Tip 1: Practice Makes You Perrrrfect

One of the most successful ways to nail your French knowledge is by reserving a few minutes everyday to run through the language. Try out vocabulary sprints with flashcards, quizzes, crosswords or whatever exercise you are able to discover. Another interesting activity is to try the games with a ‘buddy’ who is trying to learn too. The more the merrier!

Tip 2: I Talk French, I Walk French, I Hear French…I Think French

Imagination is the fuel of our thinking which never really stops. You can start making conscious efforts to say certain words or phrases in French. Start with baby steps like naming objects in the language and level up to conversing like a native with yourself.

Before falling asleep, create scenarios where the only way around is through thinking in French. Any language you speak became diverse as you started thinking in it which is why this is one of the best ways!

Tip 3: Build A Mini France Around You

Give yourself in to French as completely as you can. Dive in, swim, surround yourself with the language. It’s not just about the words but get to know the culture, the lifestyle, the informal way the locals interact. How?

There is a resource galore. Join groups, hear podcasts, write and get feedback from authentic speakers, read online or start with kid’s French books, listen to French music, watch TV shows with French audio…there’s so much to do! Remember to target listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Tip 4: French Activity A Day Keeps Bad Articulation Away

One day at a time is our goal. Don’t be hard on yourself. Learning a language isn’t that simple. Start with small routines. For example: Say you start a French TV series. Watch a couple of episodes with subtitles and then try with just hearing the audio.

Pick up a child’s book and then level up with teens. Listen to more songs in French. Convert news in French and read. It’s a boomerang process. The more you give, the more you get.

This video is a great place to begin your journey in becoming fluent in French:

Tip 5: Turn On The French Mode

Having French in your life is as easy as switching on your phone. All you have to are little things like switch your computer and phone language to French. That also means added vocabulary! Try a few apps in our target language such as news or weather. The more you dig deeper into French speaking communities, the faster you’ll start relating.

Love cooking? Watch recipes in the language. YouTube will become productive if you watch your everyday videos in French. Isn’t that a great idea?

Tip 6: All Aboard The French Airlines

Want an experience of a lifetime that will be so memorable and beautiful? Simple. Travel to any French speaking country you dream of. Take up classes, explore the cities, talk to the locals, take up extra classes, hang out with the natives…just a few weeks in and you’ll fall in love with the language even more. From cuisines to art, from theatre to literature…there’s a lot that French have to offer. Don’t skip on the chance, mon ami!

Tip 7: Keep Bringing In New French Flavour

Gone are the days where you are expected to rote learn everything from books or study for a certain number of hours and forget the rest. Nope, madame and monsieur. There are so many sources to experiment with that you even have the choice of switching them up.

From the book you’re going through to the accent you’re listening to, there are a hundred other ways you can introduce French to yourself. Just like you stay away from monotony by watching different kinds of TV shows, try out varied kinds of aspects that will help you delve in the language better.

No one understands your style of learning better than you. So, if any of these methods suit your fancy, do give them a try. With all the luck and good vibes towards your French language journey, we end on a happy note hoping you progress soon. Au revoir!

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