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The 10 Essential Parisian Lounges

Paris, the city of love, encounters, luxury etc. The moods are different depending on our research, and it's hard to know where to go for a drink.

A Sneak Peak At France’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Summer has finally decided to show up and its time to think about having fun and swimming in clear blue water, under the sun. Luckily the French sea coast offers numerous sumptuous seaside spots where nature provides wild and exotic landscapes and ...

The 10 French Tourist Sites … Preferred By Foreigners

France is the top tourist destination in the world.

Sports Invented In France

Whether it’s individually or in a group, whether it’s for the young or the old, everyone has fun by practicing it because it gives joy, allows you to live healthy and is known to relieve stress. Do you know what I'm talking about? Yes! It’s Sports. ...

The Most Appreciated Condiments By The French

Traditionally, the word condiment refers to foods as diverse as capers, gherkins, mustard, onions, vinegar, horseradish, English sauce, chutneys, or pickles ... All these products are from a vegetable origin. They bring to the kitchen smells, ...

These Parisian Concert Halls Are Legendary!

A prestigious hall among prestigious halls, The Olympia is the oldest music hall in Paris which is still in use. Its inauguration dates back to 1893, but it is after its modernization in 1954, when all the major artists of the moment began to grace ...

An Iconic French Actor: Vincent Cassel

France gave birth to many talented actors. Considered to be the most coveted French actor in his generation, Vincent Cassel, soon to be 53 years old, sits at the top of the list of the most charismatic male stars “made in France”.

The 12 Best Views And Panoramic Views In Paris

By getting up high enough, visitors have to opportunity to realize that Paris is the meeting point for both architectural treasures and assorted views, in a space that is not so large! From above, the capital seems dense and takes on even more ...

Renaud, An Icon Of French Song

Renaud Séchan, referred to Renaud is one of the most popular singers in France. In his songs, he uses revolt, tenderness and humor to criticize society, pay tribute or simply have a good time, all with very personal lyrics, where slang holds an ...

Ardèche, A Rural Utopia

Ardèche, a multi-faceted, touristic department located in the south-east of France, is located in the Rhône-Alpes region, near Provence and the Rhone Valley. It offers a great diversity of landscapes and climates. The tourism sector is the heart of ...

The Biggest Successes In French Automobile History

The first thing that visitors notice upon arriving in France is the large number of cars from French brands driving the streets. Peugeot, Citroën, Renault are the three largest national manufacturers, but which cars have really left their mark on ...

The Most Beautiful Places Of Paris

Everyone knows Paris. This beautiful city is well known for its historical monuments, but most people do not know that this city is full of discreet little alleys, but more precisely places with unique charm. These places, some unknown, are a real ...

The Great Pleasure Of Summer “Ice Cream In France”

Summer is back, the sun is shining, the heat is back and of course, who says sun says ice cream. Hmm the biggest pleasure in the summer, the pleasure of childhood that remains unchanged into adulthood! go ahead and follow me to know the best places ...

The 10 Must-visit Parisien Metro Stations

When taking the Parisian subway, there are stations where you have no choice but to stop to admire the walls’ or ceiling unique art. Among the must-visit spots is the Arts Métiers station, with its copper cladding, and the Cité station, featuring ...

The 10 Most Beautiful Natural Lakes In France

With thousands of lakes and ponds, France is listed as the European country with the most fresh water on it’s territory. Some of them have since became virtual tourists attractions and host of the most expensive and luxurious camping sites in the ...

Jean Paul Gaultier, An Icon Of French Fashion

One of the greatest French fashion designers ever, Jean Paul Gaultier is not as wacky he lets on. He is a master couturier, a lover of classics, who at the same time is a creative genius that has flair for unique dress codes.

The 12 Most Beautiful Traditional Regional Festivals In France

The French celebrate many traditional festivals over the course of the year. These festivals bear witness to history, the expression of culture, the desire to meet and feast, sharing a common value. They can come from the folkloric or religious ...

15 Succulent Candies Created In France

While French pastries are some of the most varied in the world, candy is far from being forgotten. Each region of France has developed its own type of sweets by focusing on local ingredients.

French Blue Cheese, What a Delight!

There is no doubt that French cheeses are one of the most popular cheeses in the world which are known for its delicious taste and diversity. There are a lot of varieties in French cheeses but do you know what is the most popular one? Nowadays, the ...

Isabelle Huppert, A Golden Actress

It’s true that everyone dreams of the celebrity life, but being a star is not always a good thing, living all the time with binoculars and media lights, being watched by fans, it really gets embarrassing. This is the case of the most famous actress ...

10 “Classics” French Pastries

The profiterole is a great classic of French cuisine. It is originally a puff pastry filled with pastry cream, floret or whipped cream very often covered with a chocolate sauce in the preparation of "chocolate profiteroles".

Along The Coasts Of Normandy And Britanny

Located Northwest of France, these two neighboring regions share a coastline. With its wild beauty, its headland, its ports, its religious buildings, its castles and its historic cities. Although they are neighbors, Brittany and Normandy have a ...

These 10 Museums Outside of Paris Are Worth a Trip

France means the chance to have a rich and unique cultural experience. Don't worry Parisians are not the only ones to enjoy this. If you are looking for history, culture and art you are at the right place. We have chosen for you the best museums in ...

Grasse, An Aromatic Jewel Of French Heritage

The city of Grasse is located west of the Alpes-Maritimes department, in the Paca region. Just 20 kilometers from Cannes, this small town has earned a reputation as the perfume capital of the world thanks to its many traditional perfume houses. The ...

The Best French TV Shows Of All Time

France is already recognized for its great cinema, but it’s also made its place among creators of original series, alongside the United States, United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries. If you too love to consume TV shows, discover our top ...

The Catacombs Of Paris: A French Mystery

Catacombs! The word alone is enough to conjure fascinating or thrilling images. Catacombs inspire mystery, tombs and fantasy. But what do we really know about them? Almost nothing... Paris, the capital of France, is built on nearly 350 kilometers of ...

15 Best French Video Games of All Time

Yes, Japan is a precursor when you talk about video games. Yes, the market is flooded with American and Japanese productions. But France need not be ashamed of its video game production and has in its cartons a few jewels recognized worldwide. ...

The Secrets And Oddities Of The Palace Of Versailles

Twelve million visitors flock to the Palace of Versailles each year to discover its secrets. But only a few of them will discover all of the hidden oddities that are to be found below….

Discover The Weirdest Accents Of France

Although regional languages ​​such as Breton, Basque or Alsatian tend to disappear, the accents of our regions remain dear to our hearts. We offer here a tour of the most famous French regional accents ... In short Before French, Latin was the ...

The Most Surprising French Landscapes

No need to venture far to take in breathtaking landscapes! The French metropolitan territory offers some real natural wonders: lakes, forests, canyons, deserts and even volcanoes!

JR, The French Artist Who Woke Up The Street

JR never takes off his sunglasses or his hat, and refuses to reveal his identity. As an very active French artist, he exposes his monumental black and white photographs on concrete walls or rusty roofs of cities throughout the world. They are on ...

The Marquis De Sade, An Emblematic And Controversial Figure

Biography: French writer, philosopher rebel and atheist, Donatien Alphonse Franćois, Marquis de Sade, was born on 1740 in a well-established aristocratic family. He enters military school when he is 14 years old and returns to Paris in 1763 with ...

The Worst Flops In French Cinema

But what’s a flop? According to the dictionary, it’s a movie that is “not intestine, mediocre, a dud). Boy does the French cinema know about duds! Here’s a list of the biggest French flops that are worth the shot (or not!).

The Most Unusual French Laws

France has more than 10.000 laws, 125.000 decrees, 7.500 treaties and 17.000 community texts currently in action, so there’s bound to be something for everyone! A large majority of these laws were passed over two hundred years ago, some are enough ...

Guédelon Castle, A Legend Being Created

The Guédelon castle is a crazy project: a medieval construction site to rebuild a castle from the Middle Ages, using the techniques and materials at the time.

The 13 Greatest Contemporary French Artists

For a couple of years now, France can only boast a very weak representation of its sound abroad. And yet, it is not talent that is lacking in French artists. We will present you with a selection of 13 artists, - painters, sculptersNous vous ...

The Best French Animated Films Of All Time

The world of French animation doesn’t envy their American or Japanese cousins. In this list we have compiled ten of the top French animated works, be they feature films, short films or animation series - all of which are considered classics of the ...

Islands of Paradise in Metropolitan France

Metropolitan France’s coastline is dotted with islands that each have their own identify and their own diversified attractions. We’re going to present the twenty or so biggest islands.

The 11 Best French Soccer Players of All Time

They left an indelible mark throughout France team’s history, which started in 1904. Discover the top eleven best players who wore the jersey for the national selection, between world stars, ephemeral cracks, and forgotten stars.

The 10 Most Famous Outlaws, Scam Artists and French Gangsters of all Time

It’s easy to believe that the mafia is only present in Italy, the USA or in Asian countries, but France has also been marked by the heavy presence of mafia activity inside its borders. It started in Marseille in the 1920s, but has grown into what is ...

Plastic Odyssey, The First Boat Propelled By Plastic Waste

A boat capable of recycling marine plastic waste into objects or fuel to propel itself. That's was the challenge faced by a team of young engineers and designers. It's name: Plastic Odyssey. Its goal: to go around the world, crossing the most ...

The 10 Best French Photographers Of All Time

France has always been a Mecca for photography since it was the French who invented it (Nicéphore Niépce and Louis Daguerre). It has also produced many photographers who knew by their creativity how to renew this art. Discover or rediscover these ...

The Eiffel Tower: Overview and History

The Eiffel Tower, which eventually became the most well-known symbol of France and its capital, is a wrought iron tower built by Gustave Eiffel and his collaborators for the 1889 World Fair.

The Most Beautiful And Astonishing Zoos Of France

Be it zoos or animal parks, France offers a host of exotic and amazing places. Many among them are well worth the visit, for the beauty of their setting and the diversity of the well treated animals. Let’s talk about these places, where the animals ...

Thierry Marx, the king of Molecular Cuisine

He's an icon of French cuisine, especially known for his molecular cuisine, Thierry Marx is also famous for his participation in the reality show " Top chef ". He is one of the today's influential chefs and is a unique personality on the ...

The 10 most prestigious palaces of Paris

A true representation of French refinement, Parisien palaces are fascinating. With a guaranteed level of quality and luxury, there is only a handful of establishment that can obtain this coveted title. It’s a recognition that only makes a few people ...

Barbara’s Different Faces

A French singing legend, Barbara (Paris 1930 - Neuilly-sur-seine 1997) is still deeply etched into many fans’ hearts to this day. And yet, her start in the industry was far from easy. She became successful little by little, and was very attached to ...

Top Famous Cabaret in Paris!

When the atmosphere of Paris has enlightened you with its one of a kind ambience, don’t forget to miss the magical Parisian Cabaret which is extraordinary… And I’m sure you’ll have a good time!

The French Drama Cinema

Although the Hollywood film industry is the most dominant in the world, France does not have to blush! Indeed, some French producers have made masterpieces of the 7th art that are now classics recognized by all film lovers, and which are now part of ...

The 10 Best French Board Games

Who hasn't spent a Sunday afternoon or evening with family or friends playing board games? These games get several people of all ages together around a single activity. While it may happen that some parties turn sour and some bad characteristics or ...

Wait… What is French Touch ?

All fans of electronic music or frequenting nightclubs around the world have already danced on house music produced in France and other classics of the French Touch. While in the major cities of the United States and the United Kingdom this kind of ...

The 10 Best French Hip-Hop Artists of All Time

They associate rap with a whole series of clichés such as physical or verbal violence, stories of weapons or drugs. Others also think that rap is a vulgar register in which artists can only express themselves in a language that's pretty far from ...

Amusement Parks in France: Get your Fill of Thrills

Whether wasting away a relaxed, easy, and fun weekend, or facing up to some more crazy, full-on experiences, lots of people, big and small, really enjoy their time visiting amusement parks. From the tiniest parks to the largest - some measuring up ...

15 of the most beautiful French songs of all time

Fans of French music, this article is just for you! Here’s a compilation of the 15 best 100% French tunes, which we’re all really proud of. From rock to rap: there’s definitely something for you in here.

Beers: What’s Brewing in France?

What kind of "bon vivant" doesn't appreciate meeting up and getting a beer with their friends, whether it's after work, after classes, or just for a party? We can’t avoid beer! Outdoors, where many bars with very different atmospheres welcome ...

Edith Piaf, France’s Icon, France’s Pride and Joy

Edith Piaf, born December 19, 1915 in Paris and died October 10, 1963 in Grasse, was a French singer, lyricist and actress. "La vie en rose", "Hymne à l’amour" ... There are so many songs that enabled France to develop a real international ...

The Best French Fragrances for Women

Indissociable from France and, more particularly, from Paris, there are countless iconic and brand-new perfumes that let you work your femininity, assert your character, and single yourself out.

What does Streetwear Fashion Look Like in France?

If one day we had told fashion experts that Streetwear would be the trend all over the world, they would probably have laughed at us. But the facts are there: today most of the big ready-to-wear franchises and even celebrities who are perceived as ...

Paul Bocuse, French Gastronomy’s Legendary Spokesman

On January 20, 2018, France lost a real monument of French gastronomy, Mr. Paul Bocuse. This chef from the Lyon region had forged an unprecedented reputation both among his colleagues in the restaurant industry, as simple lovers of good food ...

Top French Inventions

What would we be today without all the inventions that have been launched since all these years? These objects, gadgets and other devices that have literally revolutionized the way we live. Thanks to their genius, the inventors came up with ideas, ...

Unusual Paris: 10 Venues to Visit

Paris is a gold mine, you never know what you are going to fall around a walk or change neighborhood. The proof with these 10 unusual steps to discover Paris under a new eye, away from the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees or the Louvre Museum.

The Aperitif in France is Something Sacred

The English have tea time. In France it will be more the aperitif that score the lunch or diner time ! Discover the most famous drinks and the best French appetizers ! Discover everything you need to make a 100% French aperitif.

Reality TV in France

April 26, 2001, the date when everything started. The channel M6 launches a brand new program, the concept never seen in France but adapted from the Dutch show "Big Brother": "Loft Story". The goal ? Lock in a huge house full of micros and cameras ...

Must Read French Comic Books

Series of comics that will immerse you in a fantastic universe and keep you breathless or album boiling with realism and as informative as funny, here are the French comics that you must absolutely discover.

Fougeret, The Most Haunted Castle in France

Passionate with history or paranormal, you must necessarily know this place recognized for many years as the most haunted castle in France. Presentation in detail of this ghostly place.

The mythical Café de Flore

Last year, he celebrated his 130th birthday. The "Café de Flore", emblematic place of the capital where met, still meet today and will always meet writers, artists, intellectuals, is a monument of life in Paris to see absolutely.

Discovering the Camargue

A land of history and diversity, the Camargue is one of the most typical regions that you can visit in France. Discover its unique landscapes and iconic animals. Change of scenery guaranteed !

Fast Food in France : The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Eating fast food in a country known for its great gastronomy seems like a heresy? Discover the new meals on the go, to taste according to your desires!

Dangerous Animals and Insects You Might Encounter in France

As it is often said, the real danger for man is the man himself. However, it is not uncommon for it to be confronted with unwelcoming or even dangerous animal species. Although France is not famous for species as dangerous as in Asia or Australia, ...

Itinerary for a beautiful tattoo in France

Like all arts, there are masters. Maestros of the dermograph who are recognizable with one glance on their works. Discover who are the best tattoo artists in France.

What to Visit, Buy and Eat… in Marseille

Very often, people from Marseille seem to be very proud of their city, and in light of the soul of Marseille, we can understand this feeling! Check out the reasons why you should visit this amazing and crazy city!

5 Reasons To Discover Lyon

You are not from Lyon? Well, nobody is perfect … ;) This is the perfect opportunity to discover one of the biggest and greatest cities of France. Capital of Gaul, City of Lights or Capital of Gastronomy, Lyon is an qwesome city . If you love the ...

Coco Chanel: From Gabrielle to Mademoiselle

Today's celebrities seem to cherish the Chanel # 5. Combined with luxury and elegance, this perfume is named after a famous French woman: Coco Chanel. This fashion designer is known for her avant-gardism and sense of simplicity. True icon of the ...

Beaujolais Nouveau, the wine we expect

Every year in France, it is expected as a unique event. Beaujolais Nouveau is coming out of its cellars on the third Thursday of November. The Beaujolais Nouveau, the wine that we taste together, in the restaurant and especially, in moderation.

The top 10 most hilarious French comedies

What is the common point between the films "Untouchables" (2011) and "La Grande Vadrouille" (1966)? Besides the fact that they are both two great successes of French cinema, and that fifty years that separate them... both movieshave in common great ...

Serge gainsbourg, the genius of music and controversy

Everybody in France knows Serge Gainsbourg... Lucien Ginsburg, his real name, is a French singer-songwriter born in Paris in 1928 and died in 1991 in the same city. He has more than one string to his bow, especially as an actor or filmmaker, but he ...

Champagne, the drink of great opportunities

This French sparkling wine, as its name suggests, comes from Champagne-Ardenne which is a region of northeastern France. This alcoholic drink dates back to the Gallo-Roman era, however, its vineyards belonged to the monks during the Middle Ages.

Gérard Depardieu

Véritable couteau suisse : Producteur, Homme d’affaires mais également aussi surprenant que cela puisse paraître « Ambassadeur de la Culture du Monténégro ». 

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