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    Let’s Learn Outdoor Words in Quebec French

    You know, when I talk to people that what is the picture of Canada in their heart and mind, there are few things resonant in the whole country. Canadians are in love with nature, parks and great outdoors. There are a plethora of interesting things they love about this country such as playing, camping, hiking, and swimming with friends and family.” Those are the words of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

    Let’s Learn Outdoor Words in Quebec French
    By Emma
    7 August 2018
    , Let’s Learn Outdoor Words in Quebec French

    Quebec French

    Let’s Learn Outdoor Words in Quebec French


Being able to talk about outdoor activities’ words in French Quebec is immensely practical, and lots of fun. Have a look at them.

Common Outdoor words in Quebec French

Quebec French vocabulary for Recreation and Outdoor

Indian summerÉté des Indiens
Small animals, or insectsBibittes
FirefliesMouches à feu
Melting snowNeige fondante
Sugar bush (for producing maple syrup)Érablière
Very coldFrette
Sticky snowNeige collante
Flash lightFlash light
Mosquito repellentStof à bibittes
Dry toiletsBécosses
Poison IvyHerbe à puce

Common Outdoor expressions in Quebec French

Recreation And Outdoor - Expressions

Ride a horseFaire du cheval
Waiting for someone, no matter whatAttendre quelqu’un avec une brique pis un fanal
Well!Ah ben!
At duskÀ la brunante
A barking dogUn chien qui jappe
As quickly as possibleAu plus sacrant
Be defeatedY goûter
Being off balanceÊtre en ballant
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