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    How to Talk Family in Quebec French

    Are you searching for the best Quebec French words to describe family members? If you have any friends from Quebec, it’s possible that you may sometime get a chance to meet his/her family members such as cousins, aunts, uncles, and others.

    How to Talk Family in Quebec French
    By Angie
    5 August 2018
    , How to Talk Family in Quebec French

    Quebec French

    How to Talk Family in Quebec French


Below is the list of some important family members in Quebec French…

Commonly used words when talking about Family in Quebec French

How to talk Family in Quebec

GrandmotherMémère (ou Mamie)
GrandfatherPépère (ou Papi)
Family statusStatut marital
Civil status certificateStatut civil


Popular Quebec French expressions about Family

Family - Expressions

Being a real suckerAvoir une poignée dans le dos
To be pregnantÊtre en balloune
To have an extra marital affairSauter la clôture
To shut upFermer sa boîte
Being pregnantÊtre en famille
Speak franklySe parler dans le blanc des yeux
To live togetherÊtre accoté
To come out of the closetFaire son coming-out
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