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    Useful Quebec French Words to Use at Work

    You collected information, crafted an impressive resume, wrote a great cover letter, give all answers smartly, and finally got your dream job in Quebec, Kudos! In order to make your work life easy and comfortable, you must have a good command over the Quebec French language. Since you have to use this language in your daily routines and activities now, we are here to help you.

    Useful Quebec French Words to Use at Work
    By Emma
    5 August 2018
    , Useful Quebec French Words to Use at Work

    Quebec French

    Useful Quebec French Words to Use at Work


Here a look at some common Quebec French words used in the workplace!

Commonly used words at Work in Quebec French

Quebec : Work

Botching a jobButcher
To dismiss someoneSlacker


Popular Quebec French expressions used at Work

Work - Expressions

Get firedRecevoir son 4 %
To be exhausted (after a long day of work)Avoir sa journée dans le corps
Support a proposalSeconder une motion
Lack of experienceAvoir des croûtes à manger
Benefit from employment insuranceÊtre sur le chômage
Increasing one's efforts for completing a taskDonner une bourrée
To face a difficultyFrapper un nœud
Being influentialAvoir le bras long
Performing a task without being meticulousnessTourner les coins ronds
Win-win situationGagnant-gagnant
Being in a compromising situationÊtre dans l’eau chaude
Successfully fulfill one's mandateLivrer la marchandise
Brag about one's successSe péter les bretelles
Waste one's timeSe pogner le cul
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