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Business in France

Series of Articles that aim at providing insights on the way to do Business in France. Readers who are interested in learning French for Business purposes (i.e. getting prepared for a job interview in French) may visit our list of Business French Tutors.

Our 10 Best Tips to Learn Business French (and Boost Your Career)!

Looking for opportunities to further your career? Candidates and employees with hands-on business French knowledge have a competitive edge in the global marketplace. (Not to mention, speaking more than one language often translates to higher pay.) ...

Bribery and Corruption in France

France is among the top 25 countries when it comes to Corruption Perception Index of Government organizations in the world, recognized as least corrupt  compared to other 176 countries.

What is the appropriate Business Dress Code in France?

In France importance is given to fashion & appearance compared to other countries of the world. Even people with low income buy the best clothes they can afford. Dresses are considered more formal usually for both men & women, be it business or ...

The Rules of Gift Giving in France

Gift-giving among business associates is not a common practice in France. To express appreciation to a French business contact it's better to host a special event or dinner than to give a business presents.

What about the Punctuality in France?

In France, it's important to ensure that you make appointments for business and social events.

Corporate Social Responsibilities in France

France got the positive approach towards the environment and their programs are appreciated worldwide and I'm sure you must have heard about Paris agreement.

How to do Business in France: Business meeting tips

Over meetings & business discussion with your French counterparts using a lower voice tone is appreciated and followed. Customs, etiquette and attention to detail are truly valued.

How to Deal with Business Meals in France

Business meals are common practice and normally carried in restaurants preferably than cafes. Since they love food, French business people do like to focus on conversations about the dishes through the meal. Wait until the desert is served to ...

How to Run a Business Meeting in France

Business organizations in France are highly established and well structured. Consequently, rules and organizational practices are preferred over effectiveness or adaptability and the administration of a meeting should be taken very seriously.

The Meeting protocol in France

Handshakes are business customs while greeting and leaving. The introduction of the handshake should be left to the top-ranking person except if you are dealing with a woman, in which case the action is left up to her. Firm handshakes are considered ...

The Negotiation Process in France

When conducting business negotiations with your French counterparts you need to be aware that you are very likely to come across bureaucratic and centralised decision-making. This is not to say that radical change does not happen but it takes time ...

How to Plan a Business Meeting in France

When scheduling your meetings, remember that with five weeks of vacation to which they are entitled by law, many French employees take several weeks off in the summer. Some companies even close operations for the entire month of August.

Meeting Etiquette in France: The rules

Meetings come in a variety of forms, and are more important than ever in business today. There are the everyday office meetings, board meetings, and seminars. Meetings can now be face-to-face, by teleconference, video-conference, or online via the ...

Dealing With French Business Taboos

In France there are a number of issues that are considered inappropriate and that you should be aware of in order to avoid insulting your French counterparts and showing disrespect for their views and values:

How is the Transport Infrastructure in France?

There are significant differences in lifestyles with respect to transportation, between urbanised regions such as Paris, and smaller towns and rural areas. In Paris, and to a lesser extent in other major cities, many households do not own a car and ...

Cultural Facts of France

The French are very proud of their independence and culture. For successful business liaisons, it is important to be aware of their cultural distinctions. The French flag has three vertical bands of blue (hoist side), white, and red. This became the ...

Educational Standards in France

Since World War II, the education system has been dramatically overhauled. This was designed to accommodate the increasing numbers of children who carry on developing themselves through study beyond primary school. Consequently, collèges, lycées and ...

Xenophobia: Being a Foreigner in France

France is a diverse country, this is due to its large geographic area and regional differences as well as being a consequence of immigration resulting from France’s colonial past. Despite this, attitudes to foreigners vary but in general, the French ...

A Guide to Business Culture in France

France is one of the most modern and highly-developed countries in the world, with one of the largest economies, and is a leader among European nations. While France continues to be proud of its rich history and independence, French leaders are ...

Working Hours and Holidays in France

A key issue for many workers in France is flexible working time, in order to achieve a work-life balance. Negotiating a work/life balance can enable parents to reconcile their work with their family life and, women in particular, to participate in ...

What is the Business Meetings Etiquette of the French?

Nowadays business meetings are considered more valuable & important for all sort of businesses. From board meetings, daily office meetings & seminars they play a very crucial for decision making. In the modern world, technology has allowed us to ...

Using the right Personal titles when doing Business with French

The French are a formal nation and tend to make extensive use of titles, especially in corporate life. Some individuals have family names which include a “de” or “d’” prefix, this is usually an indication of nobility. The same applies to academic ...

Communication (Part 4) – Making contact with the French

The French in general are typically conservative when it comes to body language. However, despite the formality of French business culture, people tend to have smaller personal space and are happy to stand within arms length when speaking to one ...

How to make better Business Relationship with French

There exists a strong, vertical hierarchy in French business culture. French bosses generally favour a dictatorial and authoritative leadership style. However, it is essential that you work successfully with all levels of the business organisation, ...

Speaking French is an asset when doing Business with French

French is the only official language in France. However, there are also several regional languages spoken, mostly by elderly residents. English is widely taught in schools because of its importance in international trade as a “global language”. ...

Face to Face Communication in French

Initial impressions are really essential to the French and can have a great importance on the result of your business relationship. There are a plenty of spoken and non-spoken language points you should analyze while doing business in France:

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