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What is the Business Meetings Etiquette of the French?

Nowadays business meetings are considered more valuable & important for all sort of businesses. From board meetings, daily office meetings & seminars they play a very crucial for decision making. In the modern world, technology has allowed us to participate in video conferences via applications. Meetings are held very often since it’s a common practice in French corporate life.

When you travel to France for such occasions you must plan accordingly for meetings as it is essential to show your sincerity, based on the principles of proper etiquette. The meetings should focus on approaches which inline with the practices & manners of the country. Always take importance to prepare an agenda, also to share in advance for the benefit of both the parties and confirming the place is available before the meeting is always a good step to avoid any last minute changes. Make sure to be very precise, simple and meaningful which everyone can comprehend easily with your presentations pleasing the French intellect.

Below are some points which will assist you with your business meetings:

  • Showing respect towards national business culture will expand your possibilities and aspirations of doing business in France
  • Appointments should be directed a few of weeks before moreover, confirming the day before it’s scheduled is a good sign of business behavior.
  • When in France, it is always appreciated to provide your business cards in French counterpart’s office for records. It should ideally be printed in both English and French.
  • Attention to details is usually much welcomed in France. stating your position in your organization is very beneficial along with your degree, be it master or doctorate level.
  • It is always good to state your business purpose before the meeting. A warm person steals it away in most of the scenarios, do not forget to be welcoming, confident, patient and respectful during the meeting since French has a bit of direct probing questions, it will assist you in building trust
  • Business can become an intellectual exercise if you expand details on your proposal which French like it a lot. They appreciate new ideas if you’re convincing enough to develop an interest among them.
  • Learning basic French phrases and using them is a good way to show your gratitude toward the French people.
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