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Face to Face Communication in French

Initial impressions are really essential to the French and can have a great importance on the result of your business relationship. There are a plenty of spoken and non-spoken language points you should analyze while doing business in France:

Linguistic Communication:

You will see that discussions usually exhibit within lively debates. Hence, present views only on matters that you are aware of,

Studying French history, politics, and other aspects of the culture is a strong asset for one.

Be able to answer questions on your own nation, particularly concerning its history & federal affairs, there is unusually a bit of calm, but when the subject following analysis has been consumed, and nothing new has been introduced.

Pleasant points of discussion cover: food adoring French cuisine, art, music, philosophy, sports and popular studies of France, however simply if you understand what you’re discussing on particularly with respect to Napoleon – French people prefer talking on food so that should be a simple subject if you have to choose one.

Non-Linguistic Communication:

Because of their Latin background, the French just like the Italians, represent themselves including numerous gestures.

Share business cards with the receptionist or secretary upon meeting.

Print cards in English or French, preferably both.

Include your educational credentials, since those put a high value on the French.

Interacting beyond cultures brings consciousness and experience. By analyzing different cultures, we grow more knowledgeable and are capable to adjust our efforts to reach out. Considering advice toward blending oneself within the culture including effective communication. “While you’re in France, do as the French do,” is a great practice, in line to express regards to their culture. If these efforts are conducted by definite interest to learn and to progress, an international business counterpart will overwhelm his French hosts as a thoughtful individual. He/she will be excused on the uncommon inevitable faux pas.

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