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    Corporate Social Responsibilities in France

    France got the positive approach towards the environment and their programs are appreciated worldwide and I’m sure you must have heard about Paris agreement.

    Corporate Social Responsibilities in France
    By Angie
    19 February 2018
    , Corporate Social Responsibilities in France

    Business in France

    Corporate Social Responsibilities in France

The French government is dedicated to protecting the environment & coming governments in time are likely to continue this course. France has adopted the European Commission’s “green paper” on corporate social responsibility and currently leads in EU, which commands listed corporations to publish information in association on the environmental impact, in their yearly reports. Companies in France are obliged to report their use of water, natural resources, their emissions of greenhouse gases, energy consumption & what efforts are taken to reduce environmental damage moreover educating the employees on the environment as well.

France uses nuclear power that has allowed the country to control its pollution since nuclear power emits no carbon or other greenhouse gases. Despite its nuclear power program, the country suffers from air pollution, particularly in Paris & different main cities. Despite the country’s decline for its dependency for oil imports, France has been the unfortunate victim of some extreme oil tanker spills with harmful results for the country’s tourism and fishing industries on the Atlantic coast.

Other environmental concerns in France adds some forest destruction from acid rain. Main forest destruction also happened as a result of complex windstorms in December 1999. And the country’s biggest problem is water pollution from city waste & agricultural drainage.

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