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How to do Business in France: Business meeting tips

Over meetings & business discussion with your French counterparts using a lower voice tone is appreciated and followed. Customs, etiquette and attention to detail are truly valued.

Business meetings and interactions must stay focused on business and any conversations which are not related can be offensive. General questions which you should avoid unless invited to discuss these are usually salary, age, their children and family. On the other hand, topics that show your appreciation of French culture are welcomed including language, food, wine, politics and French history.

Compliments are welcomed, however, French people show their humility by denying them.

Humor can easily be mistaken depending on the circumstances and the French favor to be entertained by intelligent jokes, irony and conditions from real life.

The main emergency telephone numbers are:

Police: 17
Fire: 18
Ambulance: 15
SOS Help (English-language crisis line) Tel.: 01 46 21 46 46


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