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What is the appropriate Business Dress Code in France?

In France importance is given to fashion & appearance compared to other countries of the world. Even people with low income buy the best clothes they can afford. Dresses are considered more formal usually for both men & women, be it business or social situation.

One’s appearance is the reflection of his/her social status & success. Always try to wear stylish clothes to look good.

Accessories, conservative suits of high quality are always appreciated. It’s advisable for men to wear dark suits during the winter or when touring the north. Men suit made in France are tailored differently. Try not to be the first one to drop your jacket. Blue shirts are typically used by French military recruits so you may be referred as “Un bleu“, “greenhorn” of a French version if you insist on wearing a blue shirt.

Women in France are very fashionable with their social, business wear & they are recognized for their restrained, feminism. Visitors are encouraged to dress properly & with elegance. Well-tailored business suit or dress is suitable & good shoes are a must. French women are very much concerned with makeup than many of their European counterparts & give huge importance to skin care also to have a slender figure.

If you receive an invitation saying “informal” dress, don’t expect that you’ll be welcomed in the t-shirt with jeans. A social conference, informal normally suggests decent clothes, often including a blazer and tie for men. An invitation saying “formal” dress normally indicates formal evening wear, which is very elegant moreover involves a tuxedo for men and evening dress for women. Jeans & sneakers are acceptable leisure wear on the streets, although this sort of clothing is often reserved for the gym or the beach. The casual Fridays are becoming a common trend in offices where you can wear jeans and sneakers sometimes except for the business meetings where formal attire is only appreciated.

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