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Basic French Phrases

When you begin to learn to speak French you will start with hello and goodbye. Even though these are both one word sayings in English, they are true multiple word phrases in French.

Hello and Goodbye phrases

  • Bonjour (bohn-jor): hello or good day
  • Bonne journée (bunn-jor-nay): have a good day
  • Au revoir (o-re-vwahr): goodbye
  • À bientôt (a-bee-yen-toe): see you later
  • À la prochaine fois (a-la-pro-shen fwah): see you next time

Other basic phrases are polite questions and answers about who you are and how you are doing.

  • Ça va? (sa-va): How it going?
  • Comment vous appelez vous? (co-mohn-voos-ap-lay-voo): What is your name?
  • Je m’appelle Marie. (jeh-ma-pel-ma-ree): My name is Marie
  • Je suis américain(e). (jeh-sweez-a-mayr-ee-kahnn): I am American.
  • J’ai faim. (jay-fah): I am hungry.
  • Où est le restaurant? (oo-ay-la-rest-o-rahn-te) Where is the restaurant?
  • Merci beaucoup (mer-see-bo-koo) Thank you very much
  • S’il vous plaît? (seel-voo-play) Please?
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