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Hello! I am a Native French Tutor from Quebec city (Canada), and I'm looking to help some people who wanted to learn French! Having been trying to learn Spanish myself at home with no teacher, I understand the difficulty of this task. I am reliable, easy to talk and work with and I will adjust to your needs. My main job is being a professional dancer, so I have lots of experience teaching from the ages of 7 all the way to around 40 years old. I believe my experience in teaching, although it has been for dance, will provide a unique learning experience that is less traditional. I am very fluent in English, so communicating will be easy and fun. And also, I'm a French Tutor living in Montreal, I can teach you the very basics in the French language or help you practice, since being exposed to the language is a very important step to integrate the language. If you are at an intermediate level, we can begin to have more developed French conversations and go deeper into the subject. My schedule is very flexible. Looking forward to helping you with your journey! Contact me for French course by Skype

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Business French Having created my own company with my dance partner and being constantly exposed to this professional world, I consider having a qualified experience to determine the good vocabulary and keywords in this branch.
Quebec French Being a native French speaker from Quebec, I can tell you the sentence structure, slang words and teach the process in a very different way from someone who might speak French from Paris as an example. I often compare French from France and French from Quebec like the English from the United kingdom vs the English from the U.S,

I will help you differentiate the two as well as be able to understand both.
Preparation For French Exams If you are beginning to learn french, you know how the Grammar can be very complicated. I will help you understand proper sentence structure as well as conjugating verb tenses while explaining the reason behind it.
Laura P

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