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7 Good Reasons to Learn French

French is spoken all over the world

French is spoken by more than 200 million people in the world, in 70 countries. This is the 9th most spoken language in the world! And the most learned language after English.

Talking French increases employability

Talking French allows you to work internationally, for positions where knowledge of French is required. French offers employment opportunities in all francophone countries (70 states including Canada, Switzerland, Seychelles …)

Access to French Culture

Learning French will allow you to read French books in their original version (Victor Hugo, Marcel Proust), as well as understand great French films (French has lots of great comedies, notably with hilarious actor Louis de Funes), or listen to French songs (aah, the profound songs of Edith Piaf!).

A language to travel

France is the most visited country in the world (70 million visitors per year).
Thanks to your ability to talk in French, you will better appreciate the French culture (cuisine, architecture, art de vivre, touristic places), but also those of francophone countries (Belgium, Senegal, Madagascar…)

Watch the video below for even more reasons to learn French:

Access to French universities

Speaking French will give you access to French universities and Grandes Ecoles (= engineering schools), which are renowned throughout the world.

French is the “other” language of international relations

Major international bodies such as the UN, UNESCO, NATO, the EUROPEAN UNION, the Olympic Committee, the RED CROSS etc., use French as an official language and as a working language.

The Language of Love and Mind

French is a melodious and rich language, frequently called the “language of love”.


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