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When you register with us, you must tell us: your full name; your email address; your local time zone (if applicable). To use the Ofrench.com platform you will also be required to setup a Skype account so that we may connect you to your chosen Language Teacher.


When you register with us, you must tell us: your full name; desired password; your full name; your email address; your date of birth; your country of residence; your province; your teaching skills; your availability for teaching; your local time zone (if applicable) and where you heard about us. To use the Ofrench.com platform you will also be required to setup a Skype account and notify ourselves of your Skype name as a condition of listing a tuition profile on Ofrench.com.


Following registration on the Ofrench.com web site, Users are provided a communication system between Language Students and Language Teachers which requires the disclosure of individual Users email address. Users agree and acknowledge that disclosure of their individual email address to other Users of Ofrench.com is entirely at their own risk.

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与语言老师预约语言课程时,语言学生必须支付课程费用以确保其课程安全。 不希望使用贝宝付款的语言学生将被要求提供信用卡或借记卡以及账单地址的详细信息。


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