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Is learning a new language one of the things on your bucket list? If so, then starting with French doesn’t seem like a bad option!
Do you wonder why? Well, learning French and speaking it fluently has its benefits.
Over 275 million people across the world speak the French language! So, learning French can increase your career options, and may also enhance your traveling experience.
But, with a myriad of courses available online, in both the free and paid space, choosing the right course can be a daunting tasks.

How will you know which course is best for you?
Here’s the good news – We have already tested pretty much all the French learning options available, to bring you the best one.
In this article, we will outline the most intuitive, natural, and free French language resources that are available online.


The podcast is an interesting way to learn French. As a beginner, you can learn basic vocabulary and gain confidence while speaking or expressing your thoughts in French. Whether you are driving, walking, or exercising, it gives you the opportunity to listen and learn French anywhere.
Here are some of the mediums from where you can start:

Disparue(s) – French true-crime podcast focused on 1952’s Marie-Paule Rochette disappearance is a great series for French learners. It expands your horizons and exposes the learners to different accents.

Journal en Français Facile – This free news podcast comes in simple French, making French learning easier for you.

“November 13: Attack on Paris” – The documentary on the tragic terrorist attack makes French practicing and learning interesting. You get the opportunity to listen to the stories of the survivors. The episodes are tailored in a way that will cater to your learning needs and helps you progress slowly on your way to learning French.

Forvo – French words have many silent letter combinations. Learning it by listening to the native speakers makes it easier to grab. Forvo has an extensive database and is also a good source if you refer it for pronunciations. When you listen to the way native speakers pronounce the French words, it helps you in improving your French accent.

Comprehensive French Learning Lessons on Youtube

Learning French by watching YouTube videos can be interesting. But make sure you won’t end up seeing YouTube videos that are more in English and lesser in French.
Here are some of the YouTube channels that help you in learning authentic French without hearing much of the English language.

French Pod 101 – In addition to free podcast lessons, Frenchpod101 also has a YouTube channel. The videos on the channel are mainly focused on improving your vocabulary. You can learn commonly spoken French words and sentences by watching this channel. French video lessons on French Pod 101 are divided into various difficulty levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The listening exercises and videos improve your French understanding and make the learning process easier for you.

French with Alexa – Learning becomes fun with Alexa French video lessons. From grammar to vocabulary, the short video lessons cover all and also feature French interviews and recipes.

FluentU – FluentU offers a unique approach to learning the French Language. If you are a beginner, you will be learning French from the very beginning by watching the videos. The interactive subtitles in the videos don’t let you miss anything that is being conversed in French. From beginner to advanced, there are many videos for each level, that cover everything from grammar to vocabulary and all the guidance required in the learning program.

Learn French with Pascal – The French video lessons in Pascal’s YouTube channel contain animated videos, which covers different topics like verbs, tenses, grammar lessons, and pronunciations. When an animated man explains the vocabulary words in creative fonts, it makes learning more interesting and exciting. The French lesson on colloquial expressions helps you to learn informal conversations in French.

French Dialogues with Subtitles

Following and participating in the conversation is the practical way to master the learning skills of the new language. Listening to the below listed French dialogues will strengthen your French speaking skills.

239 French Dialogues – This four-hour long video contains 239 French conversations. Every dialogue of these conversations comes with a French transcript. The dialogues in the video cover lots of common French topics.
The difficulty level of the listening practice increases with the continuation of the video. So it is not required to listen to the complete video at once. Start from the beginning and proceed as desired. As per your skill level, you can break the whole video into a couple of sessions. The video has no English exercises or translations, so we recommend you to use this video to improve your French only after learning the foundation of the language.

80 dialogues en français – As the name suggests, it contains 80 dialogues in French. If 239 dialogues seem too much to you, it would be a better start to French learning. But yes, like 239 French dialogues, you should break the video into subsections. This will make learning French relaxing for you as you won’t feel stressed by listening to all the 80 French dialogues at a single stretch.

Méthode de français avec transcriptions – This channel uses an action-oriented approach that makes understanding and learning French easier as well as interesting for you. It is also the same as the 80 and 239 dialogues and uses French transcripts for teaching the language. This video that shows people acting on dialogues is only 22 minutes long. But viewing and hearing brief French situations makes it very interesting and engaging.

Français en dialogue – This YouTube channel covers dozens of French dialogues. If you are the one who likes to take one step at a time, then it is ideal for you as most of the dialogues are only a few minutes long. Some of them are even less than a minute. The channel works the same way as the longer videos. But you may find it more interesting as it focuses on a single thing at a time.

Online French Courses

If you like learning French from the guided lessons, then here is a selection of French courses that offer online lessons.

TV5 Monde – Whether you are a new French learner or equipped with the foundation of language, TV5 Monde offers various news articles to make you fluent in French. These articles come with practice exercises that improve your French reading. The program designed with current affairs and international news gets automatically subtitled in French. When you follow the news daily, it keeps you entertained and also helps in practicing your language skills.

EdX – This online learning portal boosts your confidence with its French language course. The On-Ramp to AP® French Language and Culture course has many video lessons where native French instructors are teaching French.

Learn with Oliver – This is an online language learning tool where audio flashcards and exercises allow you to train and check your French vocabulary. Its newsletter provides you with daily exercises. Addictive games of the online course will enable you to compete with other users to learn about your French fluency. You can also see your progress with the monthly tests.

French Language Apps

An app is an ideal way of learning something new, especially for those who like to learn new languages or courses on the go. We have listed here some of the apps for making your French learning material easily accessible every time.

Memrise – The Memrise app keeps you indulged in French learning from the very first lesson. Whether you want to learn online or offline, the app allows training yourself in both ways. You will get various online lessons for French learning here. These lessons keep on increasing your skills and won’t make you feel bored with the repetitive exercises.

Duolingo – Learning French will be fun and addictive with Duolingo. This language-learning app gives you personalized learning with its exercises that are tailored to help you in learning and reviewing your French vocabulary effectively. Whether you are beginning with the basics or looking for a way to practice your French speaking, reading, and writing skills, Duolingo works for all.

Drops – Spare only 5 minutes a day to learn French with engaging lessons. The effortless and visual character learning of Drops makes it easier for you. This app makes you focus on the French words that matter most in the language. This language app is designed in a way that delivers you a significant chunk of words to increase your vocabulary in a shorter time.

Clozemaster – This language learning app uses clozes to make French learners improve and master their vocabulary.

MOOCs (for Advanced French Learners)

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) offer not only French courses, but also make you available with subjects of other courses in the French language. If you are interested in learning a new course, then studying it in French will help you in educating yourself two things at a time.

Coursera – Are you interested in learning computer languages like Java or C++? Or maybe you wanted to learn quantum mechanics or some other course? Whatever course you want to learn, Coursera has more than 80 courses for you and offers you an opportunity to study your preferred one in French.

BBC Languages – BBC French course is a nice place to start your French learning with various videos and accompanying learning material.

Class Central – The online portal provides free courses that are taught in French. These courses are from various sites like EdX and Coursera.

Online Reading Materials

Finding a reading material in French is a good way of leveling up your language skills. Here is the decent selection of reading resources.

Wikipedia – Wikipedia is an online source from where you can read short articles and improve your French vocabulary. You can also easily switch back to your preferred or native language and check comprehension. It will make you fluent in reading and writing French.

LingQ – Learn French from the content that you like through this online learning system. LingQ provides you a fast and effective way of improving your vocabulary through this online reading interface. The online platform allows you to import anything of your interest into LingQ and turn it quickly into an interactive lesson.

The French Experiment – Do you like studying short stories in the French language? The French Experiment website makes it possible for you. Along with short reading excerpts, the site also provides you with useful grammar guides to help you improve your French. For French beginners, the website also offers audio files of French lessons.

Lingua.com – For French beginners and intermediates, practicing French reading and comprehension, Lingua offers you an enjoyable way to improve your vocabulary and fluency. The website grows your ability and confidence in speaking and reading French with its online exercises and a variety of learning materials that covers day to day topics.

French comedies/channels

From comedy to all the other topics that you are interested in, vloggers cover everything on their YouTube channel. Find your favorite personality that covers the subject of your interest. We have listed here some of the popular ones.

Norman Fait Des Vidéos – The French comedian Norman is well-known on YouTube. Several skits and short “rants” feature on his channel. His videos contain discussion on various topics centered on everyday life, like family, dads, dinner, going grocery shopping, and many more. Learning French by watching comic videos is an entertaining way of enhancing your French-speaking skills.

Natoo – This comedy vlogger has a variety of videos with comic skits on her French YouTube channel. As the videos have English subtitles, that makes it easier for a French beginner to understand and learn the language.

Le Rire Jaune – This is another French comedy channel that means “yellow laugh.” As the comedian speaks a little quicker than others, so for beginners, understanding French might seem tough here. But if you are looking for challenges or an advanced learner, the comic videos can help you a lot.

Andy Raconte – This comedy vlogger feature short and entertaining skits on her YouTube channel. Her skits cover social topics like what it’s like being socially awkward, jealousy, and various others. Watching her comic videos makes you entertained as well as brush-up your French-speaking skills.


We have featured here various resources that can help you in learning French online and makes you speak and write it fluently. Along with these, there are many other French learning YouTube channels and websites that you can explore.
All these resources would give you an interesting and effective start to learn French. Explore and discover what matches your learning style and help to grasp the language faster.

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