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Find top-rated French Tutors in Buenos Aires, Argentina and around the World, available for dedicated Online French Tutoring

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I'm a French Tutor from Buenos Aires and I specialize in teaching interactive one-to-one french classes focused on self-development, learning, discovering and exploring via playful tools. The focus is to learn through daily situations and keep students challenged. I have been teaching in
4.9 (18)
Speaks: Mandarin A2 , English C2 , Spanish B2
$20.00 1 hour
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Hi, my name is Myriam and I'm a French teacher from Buenos Aires. I have been teaching French as a foreign language in high school and university for over 25 years in Sweden, South Korea, Russia, Argentina, and Japan. I was trained in Human Sciences and Economics at Paris IV Sorbonne, and
5.0 (16)
Speaks: Swedish C1 , Russian C1 , English C1
$45.00 1 hour
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Hello, I'm Natascha. I'm a French tutor in Buenos Aires. I am a professor of French and Philosophy. I work at the University Center of Languages of Buenos Aires. I use the communicative method: my top priority is to stimulate the student as much as possible and to speak in French from the very
5.0 (37)
Speaks: Spanish A2 , English B2
$35.00 1 hour
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About me: Hello, my name is Deborah! I currently live in Buenos Aires Argentina. I grew up in Switzerland, in the French speaking part. My mother tongue is therefore French, but also Bulgarian because one of my parents is Swiss and the other Bulgarian. I started learning languages ​​very
5.0 (10)
Speaks: English C1 , Spanish B2 , German C1
$20.00 1 hour
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My training: Preparatory class ENS Cachan in economics then Business School. I hold a Master of Science in International Business and Marketing. Personality: I am very sociable, organized, and reliable. I like to exchange and meet people from different cultures. I lived most of my life in France
4.7 (5)
Speaks: English C1 , Spanish C1
$18.00 1 hour
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