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Speaks: French (Native), English (C1) , Arabic (C1)
I am currently studying Medicine at Gr. T Popa 'in Iasi. I have always been passionate about languages so I am a French teacher in Bucharest. My parents are both wonderful teachers who really infused me with the love of the French language. I am calm, patient, indulgent, empathic, invested and do
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$29.00 1 hour
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Speaks: French (Fluent), Arabic (C1) , English (C1) , German (A1)
Hello everybody! My name is Chams and I am a Medical student as well as a French tutor in Bucharest, Romania. I was born in Tunisia to a family of pedagogues. Teaching is my passion, and I can help you reach your language goals through a basic understanding of the language using various practical
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$12.00 1 hour
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