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Itinerary for a beautiful tattoo in France

Like all arts, there are masters. Maestros of the dermograph who are recognizable with one glance on their works. Discover who are the best tattoo artists in France.

TATTOOS: the principles to know

For starters, what exactly is a good tattoo?
If the question is arduous we can already consider several criteria to be taken into consideration.

The first elements

The delicacy of the line, or at least its regularity, the resemblance to the initial project, its life span and therefore its resistance to time, its originality … Other “external” aspects are as important as the respect of standards hygiene of course, the “fingering” of the tattoo artist who should not do more harm than necessary. Finally a good tattoo is especially a tattoo that you like.

So that this almost indelible mark will leave you with a good memory, you will have to meet several professionals to appreciate their vision of the work that you propose to them and especially its adequacy with yours.
If you get along with your tattooist, there is a good chance that the tattoo will be successful.

Determine your preferences

However, and because a good painter may be a disastrous draftsman you have to select your tattoo artist first and foremost for his major asset, what he does best, his specialty we say.
When some are known for the finesse of their features, the typography they ink, others are praised for the fidelity of their portraits or the creativity they use to cover old tattoos or scars.
It is still essential to choose well before marking your skin forever!

>, Itinerary for a beautiful tattoo in FranceDaenerys portrait tattoo

Perform an effective search

Stop the cliché of attributing to Paris all the greatest tattoo artists in France. For the most part they are undoubtedly more expensive than in the rest of the country but it does not necessarily give more talent, even if there are nuggets as we will see.
Of course, as a precaution, a low tariff should alert you to see you flee in this type of trade, but also beware of the premium that can be practiced for geographical reasons among other.
The ideal before you start is to use the new essential tool now in this kind of approach, I named of course Instagram.
With the evolution of the network, any (good) tattooist must have a feed worthy of the name, the good old website becomes here almost optional.

Who and why?

In Paris and its region

On the capital, you can address several “big players” well known in the world of tattooing.
To start Tin Tin, Founder of Tin-Tin Tattoos Salon and Tattoo World, President of the National Syndicate of Tattoo Artists, artist advisor of the exhibition “Tattooers, Tattooed” at the museum of Quai Branly. Tin-Tin is undoubtedly the one of those who has worked hardest for tattoo recognition, which he considers to be the 10th art. Followed by over 66,000 fans on his Instagram tin_tin_tatouages, he exhibits his varied style and touches everything without any pretense due to his notorious celebrity.

One of his disciples for nine years, Easy Sacha opened his own shop and specialized in irezumi, the traditional Japanese tattoo. He reveals on his account Instagram real works of art as his many bodysuits (include tattoos covering almost the entire body.)

, Itinerary for a beautiful tattoo in FranceEasysacha and one of his bodysuit

The Crayoner, famous for his drawings for obvious simplicity and his “stroke of pencil” precisely that gives a penciled appearance to his works and his typography.

, Itinerary for a beautiful tattoo in FranceSome of “The Crayoner” pieces

In Paris, the artist Violette Chabanon, known as violette_bleunoir, exhibits a resolutely modern style with refined and geometric sets of great beauty.

, Itinerary for a beautiful tattoo in FranceViolette Chabanon on tattoo session

Lyon and its region

In Lyon you will also find artists with extraordinary talents such as those who practice at Artribal.

, Itinerary for a beautiful tattoo in FranceArtribal tattoo

For a style more penciled again we advise you without doubt to go to Paolo Bosson, specialist of the genre.

, Itinerary for a beautiful tattoo in FrancePaolo Bosson’s colorful pencil style

We continue with Needles side tattoo where mastering the tattoo is rather unmatched. Depth, perfectly fair features, optical games nothing stops your creativity, or that of the artists of this shop to discover absolutely at Thonon les Bains.

, Itinerary for a beautiful tattoo in FranceA piece of art from Needle side tattoos

On the southwest side

I invite you to discover the talented Maud Dardeau, also a former apprentice at Tin Tin.
Her tattoo parlor in Bordeaux has become known for her impressive bodysuits (especially backs) and her work exclusively in black for which she works point by point and not filling, an ant work that gives an appearance of incredible engraving has his works.

Another tattoo artist so incredibly talented, Brindi tattoo who is he in Toulouse. His style ? Poetic, colorful, foolproof creativity for amazing tattoos !

, Itinerary for a beautiful tattoo in FranceSome pieces of Brindi tattoo

In the north of France

Going up in the north you can admire the world of Mikki Bold, tattoo artist, master of geometric patterns which he made one of its most vibrant features. He also excels fades of watercolor type colors.
He officiates in Rouen in the tattoo shop he owns “Obscurum ink”.

, Itinerary for a beautiful tattoo in FranceMikki Bold concentrate during tattoo session

North always, direction Lille to marvel at tattoos type cartoon illustration of Greg Briko.

, Itinerary for a beautiful tattoo in FranceGreg Briko piece of art

The place to be

Since 8 years is takes place every year an event that brings together among the best tattoo artists not only from France but also from the world “The World of Tattoo“.
You can now book your tickets, to get tattooed on site by the tattoo artist of your choice (listing on the website of The World of Tattoo) or simply to immerse yourself in the unique world of this ancestral art.

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