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5 Reasons To Discover Lyon

You are not from Lyon? Well, nobody is perfect … ;) This is the perfect opportunity to discover one of the biggest and greatest cities of France. Capital of Gaul, City of Lights or Capital of Gastronomy, Lyon is an qwesome city . If you love the excitement of the city but also the calm of the countryside, you are in the right place! To convince you, here are 5 good reasons to discover and fall in love with Lyon.

❶ A sensational visit to Fourvière

Lyon has a real history and was also the capital of Gaul under the name of Lugdunum. If you want to immerse yourself in history, we advise you to do a tour around the basilica of Fourvière to discover, for example, the ancient theater from Lyon where the famous Nuits de Fourvière takes place. Nuits de Fourvière is a festival with theater, circus, music, dance, and film presentations that takes place very year in Summer.

, 5 Reasons To Discover Lyon

Let us also surprise you by proposing you to go up to Fourviere Segway! We begin by training on the banks of the Rhone, then we go through the tube “mode doux” of Croix-Rousse and from the docks of Saone we let ourselves be carried away in this original breakaway. You will not miss this breathtaking view of the city.

, 5 Reasons To Discover LyonVisit Lyon with Gyropode Segway

❷ An incredible excursion to the ‘Parc de la Tête d’Or’

Located on the banks of the Rhone, in the heart of Lyon, the ‘Parc de la Tête d’Or’ is today the largest urban park in France, with its 105 hectares, which is sometimes compared with Central Park in New York . Botanical garden, rides, shops, shows, pony rides … All these activities dedicated to leisure and relaxation, bring together young and old children, tourists, joggers or simple walkers. And one thing is certain: everyone will find something to enjoy. Do not leave the park without having visited its magnificent free zoo, with an African Plain of nearly 3 hectares and more than 450 animals!

❸ An enticing lunch break

Lyon is undeniably the capital of gastronomy. It is also the city that has one of the largest concentrations of restaurants per capita in France: between the typical “Bouchons de Lyon” and gourmet restaurants, there is enough variety to seduce your taste buds. One sure thing is that the people of Lyon are familiar with charcuterie and the “Rosette de Lyon” is the sausage par excellence. Do not leave Lyon without having tasted “La Salade Lyonnaise” with its famous poached egg. There is also the “Le Tablier de Sapeur”. This rectangle of fat, marinated in white wine, breaded and fried takes its name from marshal de Castellane, the military governor of Lyon under Napoleon III because that dish reminded him of the color of the leather apron he wore. Do not hesitate to try “Les Quenelles”, pralines pie … The list of all the pearls of the gastronomy of Lyon is just so long!

, 5 Reasons To Discover Lyon La Salade Lyonnaise

, 5 Reasons To Discover LyonLe Tablier de Sapeur

❹ A memorable museum discovery

If you only have to visit a museum, it would be the Museum of Confluences! It is breathtaking, from the location to the architecture through the extraordinary scenography of the exhibitions. The museum tries to answer the big metaphysical questions: where do we come from, who are we, where are we going? through different exhibitions.

, 5 Reasons To Discover Lyon

Lyon is also the city where Cinema was invented (by Brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière) and offers 2 museums dedicated to the 7th art, like the “Musée Miniature et Cinéma” located in Lyon’s Old Town, whose permanent collection depicts how special effects were made before the digital era (i.e Alien movies).

, 5 Reasons To Discover Lyon

The Museum of Fine Arts is a must if you want to discover Impressionist paintings or Egyptian mummies. Finally the Museum of Contemporary Art is particular as it does not offer a permanent collection. It is therefore a new discovery at each visit.

❺ A comical moment at the Improvidence

Improvisation theater, do you know? It is a theatrical technique, to develop creativity, listening and exchange. The actor plays without predefined text, without prior staging, according to his inspiration. L’Improvidence is the first café-theater in France devoted entirely to improvisation. Moreover, following this success, the creators decided to set up a school and give courses, internships and trainings to enthusiasts from all over France! This address is more and more frequented by the Lyonnais, the goal being to be entertained, to cure a shyness by speaking in public, to learn to counter a valve in less than half a second, to meet people and simply to let go and enjoy! So, who is going?

There are still a thousand and one other places to discover (and devour) in Lyon, the most pleasant city in France, according to a recent ranking. Astonished? Certainly not ! Between gastronomy, major events, cultural activities and many leisure activities … Lyon will never stop surprising us.

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